metaas : Java library for manipulating ActionScript source code


metaas provides Java applications with a 'Document Object Model' for ActionScript 3 code. Its primary function is generating code, but it allows existing .as source files to be loaded, and simple modifications to be made.

Note, metaas does not actually generate Flash movies or ActionScript bytecode. You will still need the Flash IDE for Flex for that.

metaas is released under the terms of the Apache License, version 2.0.

Why not just use Velocity?

Velocity and other templating languages are great for general text-generation tasks, but metaas' special knowledge of ActionScript can make the life of the metaprogrammer easier when handling the complicated stuff.

For instance, metaas can,


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0.8 2008-03-21

Changes since 0.7:


0.7 2007-03-17

Changes since 0.6:

0.6 2007-02-17

Changes since 0.5:

0.5 2007-01-30

Changes since 0.4:

0.4 2006-12-17

Changes since 0.3:

0.3 2006-09-24

Changes since 0.2:

0.2 2006-08-01


Changes since 0.1:

0.1 2006-07-16



To obtain a copy of the latest code, use the Subversion repository at the URL:

See also the Maven2-generated metaas code reports site.


If you have any questions or have some code to contribute, please subscribe to the mailing list.

Due Credit

metaas was inspired by the JaxMe JavaSource framework for generating Java code.

metaas was originally based on the ActionScript 3 ANTLR grammer from the ASDT project, though the metaas fork is now significantly different. Authorship of the original as3 grammar appears to be claimed by Martin Schnabel. Many thanks to him, and the other ASDT authors for their hard work.

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What the Industry is Saying...

People here are strange human beings; they've been gave up a long time ago on using friendly timelines and now discussing only freak things like "getting as2 out of java code" rather than fancy "make my movie smart".