Class Action

Direct Known Subclasses:
BranchAction, GetURL2Action, GetURLAction, GotoFrame2Action, GotoFrameAction, GotoLabelAction, LookupAction, LookupTableAction, PushAction, SetTargetAction, StartFunctionAction, StoreInRegisterAction, UnknownAction

public abstract class Action
extends java.lang.Object

Abstract superclass for all actions. Most actions are defined as constants in the ActionConstants interface. Those Actions that operate on 'immediate data' (e.g. IfJumpAction and its target address) cannot be constant; a new instance is created each time these actions appears in an ActionList.

Constructor Summary
Action(java.lang.String mnemonic)
Method Summary
abstract  void accept(Visitor v)
 java.lang.String getMnemonic()
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Constructor Detail


public Action(java.lang.String mnemonic)
Method Detail


public java.lang.String getMnemonic()


public abstract void accept(Visitor v)
                     throws JASVisitorException